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Our Core Values are built on integrity, honesty, freedom to create, passion to do what we love, and most importantly quality over quantity.

Our cheesecakes are made from quality ingredients, preferably local whenever possible, and with love. We create flavor combinations that are unique, flavorful and fun.

Our Competitive Advantage

Dollhouse offers nothing but cheesecakes and treats with cheesecake in mind. This differentiates us from other businesses allowing us to focus and perfect our craft of cheesecakes. We pay close attention to detail and want to engage our clients through incentives like "bring-a-friend".


We want to be part of our community we serve, not just in the community we serve.


Dollhouse Cakery was a visionary culmination started by my daughter while she was a college student. As a child she watched me make home-made cheesecakes for every holiday. I wanted to share these unique and flavorful cheesecakes with others so here we are!


How we came to be!


My grand-daughter, Harmoni-Marie is the inspiration why this company was created. She brings me so much joy as my first grand angel that I wanted to leave a legacy for her to build on, hence our tagline -           


Cheesecake is harmony to your soul!


We centered our brand around her cute little personality while making cheesecakes fun to enjoy any way imaginable.  We created whimsical dessert flavors with the hope that our clients will experience our passion through our products. We've taken the dessert we all know and love, and made it fun for any occasion!


Our mission is to create uniquely flavored cheesecakes and specialty treats for all cheesecake enthusiast to experience the passion and love we put into every bite that can be enjoyed anywhere at any time.

Our vision is to turn our cheesecake business into a food truck and later move into a brick-and-mortar storefront. We want to revolutionize the traditional dessert into a present-day treat for all cheesecake lovers even the health-conscious cheesecake lovers.

Our goal is to become a household name with a brand reputation that is recognized in local markets in and beyond Central Ohio. We want to change the mindset that cheesecakes are only dinnertime desserts and bring our products to an unreached market.

Meet The Owner

Mrs. Tracey is an entrepreneur who has 10+ years of experience as a business woman. I am also the CEO of Total Package Marketing and Consulting, LLC located in Columbus, OH. I possess two Bachelors of Science degrees in Business Administration, and Marketing with an eCommerce focus from Franklin University.


I learned how to make cheesecakes from my mother and have enjoyed making them since I was a child. I take pleasure in creating these desserts and hope you enjoy them as much as I do.

Mrs. Tracey
Picture of owner
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