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Build Your Own House! Party Packages

Build Your Own House! Party Packages

Looking to add our delicious treats to your party?! AWESOME!! Choose between our studio, townhouse or mansion home. Each option includes some of our best products & you can even tell US what you'd like in your house! Great for any special occasion...Wedding Party, Bridal Shower, Baby Shower, Birthday Party, Business Conference, City Events!
  • Your Very Own Dollhouse!

    Studio House: 1 Small Pie(Baked or No Baked) - 20: 4oz Cheesecake Jars(4 Signature Flavors) - 6 Cones or Deep Fried Oreos (Choose 1 of your favorite) ***$90.00

    Townhouse: 1 Medium Pie(Baked or No Baked) - 35: 4oz Cheesecake Jars(5 Signature Flavors) - 12 Cones or Deep Fried Oreos (Choose 2 of your favorite)***$140.00

    Mansion House: 1 Large Pie(Baked or No Baked) - 50: 4oz Cheesecake Jars(6 Signature Flavors) - 24 Cones or Deep Fried Oreos (Mix & Match)***$200.00

    Build Your Own Home: Call or Email for details and pricing!

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